Ron Bomba had a graphic design business in Seattle Washington from 1970 through 2006. A time period that witnessed the evolution of computer graphics from its infancy to dominating the industry.Some of the images displayed in this website include Ron’s pre-computer work when illustrations were created with pencil, hand painting and airbrush. It is interesting to compare this earlier work with the digital paintings and illustrations created in later years.

Digital Paintings and Illustrations

As computer graphics evolved, Ron continually adapted to the new technology. First with vector drawing, then 3D modeling and Photoshop. The wild life and ski mountains are a combination of hand drawings and Photoshop painting. Ron's method is demonstrated on the next page.

Ron's Digital Painting Method

Eagle Head - How it’s done, step by step

1 - Ron’s digital paintings usually start with a pencil sketch that is scanned into Photoshop.2 - Details are painted one by one in overlying layers.3 - Rough shapes are then blended, smudged and made translucent to reveal underlying detail.4 - Related layers are combined into one and modified with color and texture filters.5 - All layers are then merged into one and further adjusted with distort and warp tools.6 - Final touches include light and shadows to match the background atmosphere.The eagle’s head was then combined with the wings, body, tail feathers and background. This digital painting required weeks to make and includes over 100 Photoshop layers.

Ski Mountain Paintings - How it’s done

The ski mountain paintings are created in Photoshop. The base layer drawing or photograph is only used for reference and accuracy. The mountains, snow, trees and sky are all painted on separate layers with digital paint brushes.

Hand Painted - Illustrations & Paintings

These samples include some of Ron’s commercial illustrations and marine life paintings done prior to computer technology. The primary style is realistic, mostly painted with airbrush technique.

America's Reef Triptych - 16x21 Each

Art for Sale or Donation

If you are interested in acquiring original paintings, digital prints or use of original digital art, please contact Ron Bomba.All of Ron’s hand painted art, illustrations and prints are available for purchase, or may be donated FREE to qualified organizations and fund raising auctions (at our discretion). The size of each artwork is included in the title. Several of the pieces have been custom framed.Digital art images can be printed to any size on canvas, paper, metal or acrylic. Prices available on request.